Comprehensive Functional Testing

Our approach to functional testing is all about custom solutions that fit your product, needs, and challenges seamlessly. We engage in in-depth discussions to understand your unique requirements, allowing us to craft a testing solution that perfectly aligns with your goals. This entails not only providing an effective test architecture but also offering testing activities governance, supporting Scrum teams with manual testing, and building a repository of automated test cases to facilitate test regression campaigns and enhance CI/CD cycles.

Support the team with process visualization to facilitate enhancement and improve the buisness efficency.


Empowering Test Automation

Our software testing consultancy prides itself on employing robust test automation principles. With an adaptive framework, we tailor our approach to suit your team’s specific needs. This approach significantly enhances efficiency, and we further bolster it with a “shift left” strategy. By introducing testing early in the development lifecycle, we ensure rapid feedback and faster issue resolution.

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Tool Agnostic Approach

Our versatility shines through our tool agnostic approach. We understand that the software landscape is diverse, and your needs may evolve. Hence, we remain open to various tools and technologies, ensuring we adapt seamlessly to your ever-changing requirements.

At eracons, we go beyond conventional testing. We redefine it with a client-centric focus, an adaptive framework, and an unwavering commitment to your success. Contact us today to discuss how our software testing consultancy can elevate your software development journey.